Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Instead of getting discouraged, we worked super hard"

Elders in Chivicoy Zone

Teaching in Saladillo

May 27, 2013

Well this week started off a little bit rough. We started out fasting last Monday for an investigator (Julio) that was to be baptized this weekend. We get to his house on Monday night and had an AWESOME lesson with him! We were repassing Diezmo(tithings) with him and he had some dudas about that and we really followed the spirit and promised specific blessing and we saw his countenance change completely!! We challenged him to pray and ask God for an answer about the importance of Tithing. We then passed by the next day for our Pre-interview and we received a message from him saying that he wanted to take a break from all the church and charlas. We tried to call him and visit him, but to no avail. He has a strong testimony and I am sure he will come around as he sees the blessings leaving as he stops keeping the commandments and coming to church. But instead of getting discouraged, we worked super hard all week long trying to find some good families to teach!! We found some super cool families that are married and everything! They really love what we share we are super excited for them! Last night at like 6 we were looking for someone to teach and we decided to say a prayer to find where we needed to go and then we started walking and decided to go somewhere, and within 5 minutes we found a guy standing outside with his kids, I went and talked to him and he invited us into his house! We find out he is married, super not normal here in Argentina! 2 families in 1 week that is married! It was great! They seem super cool and we are going to go back on Tuesday!! 
Maria and Marcos are doing well as well. We are excited for them. Keep praying that Maria can stop smoking!
 I made your chicken noodle soup with gnocchi and it was AMAZING!!!!
 Everything is going super good for us here!  Hope all is going well! Congrats Karigan and keep working hard in everything! Love you all and all your support!!!
See ya next week!
Love, Elder Eppich

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