Monday, June 3, 2013

"This work is awesome! I Love it!"

Biking in Saladillo haha
June 3, 2013


Wow what a great week!! The week flew by and it was such a great week!! I learned a ton and felt the spirit super strong!

So you all remember Maria right? She is the one that lives in the little town about 6 kilometers away. Well we found her a day after she had a dream we were going to visit her. She has a super tough life, she raises 6 kids solo, and lost her job recently, just SUPER humble. But yesterday at church she got up to bear her testimony, which is definitely not her, she is super shy.  She bore her testimony about how grateful she is that we visited her and brought her unto this gospel. She talked about before we got to her house she didn’t want to live anymore because everything was so bad and she didn’t see a way out of all the problems she had, then she knelt down and prayed to God that he would help her know what church she needed to visit to find the help and change. Then she had a dream that we showed up to her house, and then we did the next day! I didn’t realize that we more than likely saved her life. I am just so grateful to be able to have known her, and to have been able to follow the spirit as it led me and Hermano Hurtado to visit them.

This Gospel is so incredible and I can’t believe how blessed we are to have it! I wish all had the opportunity to have this! I feel bad for those that do not want to accept it for one reason or the other. If people would just realize all they gain by accepting this!!

 We also have been working with some families to help them come back to church, we have been working with the Familia Funes and they came to church!! Hermano Funes is going to be a great leader, we are helping him stop smoking so he can baptize his son and then receive the Melkezedik priesthood, and he has a strong testimony! Then Victoria and Gonzalo and their family came back to church!! They are excited to start up again, and we are preparing Gonzalo to receive the Melkezedick priesthood as well!! The members are starting to respond to all of our hard work!!! We are excited!! We are teaching a lot of good people at this moment and we are working with the members to find some more good ones!! This work is awesome! I love it!!! Love you all so much! Take care!!

Love, Elder Eppich

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