Monday, June 17, 2013

Leaving Saladillo :(

Elder Eppich with group members in Salidillo

Elder Smith and Elder Eppich with helicopter that is built in Argentina
June 17, 2013


Well to start off, I am leaving my beloved town of Saladillo. It is so crazy to think that I’ll be leaving.  I can’t imagine the mission without being in Saladillo. I have been here for 9 months and 1 month in 25 de Mayo, so crazy. I am going to miss these people like crazy, they have been great and there have been so many obstacles and trials that we have worked through so we have grown super close!! It was a great last Sunday however!! We had a lot of good people there and converts and members that we helped reactivate and then I found out Fabiana got a new house and she is doing SUPER great right now! We ate with their family again, it was so great seeing her happy again and I felt like I could leave Saladillo in peace knowing that she was doing good. Also Victoria and Gonzalo are doing great and are planning on going through the temple in November so that I can go with them, I called Gonzalo as the priest quorum 1st assistant yesterday, he will do a great job, this will make him in charge of the young men we have and help them come back to church! We are really excited for the progress of Saladillo. At times it was hard to see the results of all the hard work that I put in over these last months, but yesterday and the past week I just kept feeling super blessed and saw many blessing and realized that the Lord worked LOTS of great miracles through me, and I was very grateful for that!! I love this work so much!!!!! 
  We had a mission tour, or that means that we had a General Authority (Elder Vinas) come and visit the mission and talk to the missionaries! It was great! I loved it! I learned a ton!!!! We talked about the atonement and repentance and a bunch of other things that I don’t have time to talk about, Haha sorry about that!!!
 Maria is still smoking, it is super hard for her, but I am sure she will be able to stop it and Marcos is doing great!! He finished the book of Mormon! I’m stoked for him, he is a great kid!!!
  It is so crazy to see how much I have changed since I got to Saladillo and how much I have learned! I will never forget this place, if Mom and Dad you end up picking me up we will definitely come here to visit everyone!! The whole town of Saladillo is in tears right now, including me. Haha but I am excited for the next area and know the Lord has something special for me in another place!!! Thanks all for all the support! I love you so much!!

Love, Elder Eppich

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