Monday, June 24, 2013

"The Lord has a Specific Purpose for Every One of His Children"

June 24, 2013


Wow I don’t know where to start!! Well to start off, I am doing internet next to a McDonalds, Haha. I got transferred to my new area and I love it!! It’s Called Lujan! I have a new comp named Elder Hernandez from Colombia. He has been a member for 2 years, and he is the only member from his family except for his grandma! He is 21 and has a super strong testimony and I love working with him because he loves to work!!!! We are going to see lots of miracles in this area. 
 So I am currently reopening an area that had been closed for a few months. There were a few investigators but not really, so we are just starting from scratch, but it’s all ok because I already have done this in Saladillo!! The Members all received us with arms WIDE OPEN so we are really excited to work with them and we are sure we are going to be able to help them all a lot as they help us!!!!!
  So the area that I am in is super famous for a few things, one - the Virgin of Lujan, the picture that mom sends on all of the packages, is from this area, and also they have the Largest Catholic Cathedral in the whole world, you can see it from everywhere. Look it up on the internet, it’s called La Basilica de Lujan, its huge!!!!! Kind of scary, Haha. 
  We have quite a few investigators that look like they are going to have quite a bit of progress.
  We are still on bikes which is nice so I don’t have to walk around a ton on my foot so that really helps a ton!! 
  Our apartment is quite a bit smaller than the house in Saladillo, but that’s ok!
  I am super excited to be here in Lujan, it completely caught me off guard, because President normally tells us if we are training or not and he didn’t tell me so I wasn’t planning on it and then saw I was training and I was really excited to tell ya the truth!!
  This week it has just been incredible to feel that the Lord has a specific purpose for every one of his children. Sometimes we feel like its all chance, but I promise you that the Lord does everything for a purpose and his hand is always guiding us. We saw lots of miracles as we followed the spirit. The Lord is always going to lead us to where he wants us to be, so that we can become the best people we can be!! Follow the spirit always!!! Ask the Lord for help in everything and it will come!!! Make the most of everything!! Love you all so much!! Hope you all have a great week!

 Love, Elder Eppich

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