Monday, June 10, 2013

"I try and help all Come unto Christ"

June 10, 2013


Well this week was really good!! We are working super hard with a lot of the less actives and with Maria and Marcos to get them baptized soon. Maria is just as great as ever. Yesterday we did the baptismal interview, we are just waiting until she stops smoking all the way and then she will be baptized! So if all you pray for her it will happen!!! We are also teaching her neighbors and they are all doing great!! They all want to be baptized as well so we are helping them as well!!! Marcos is doing good! His mom just had her baby on Saturday and they all wanted us to go and meet him! So tiny and made me excited to meet my niece!!!! Marcos started reading the Book of Mormon that has pictures, it’s for younger kids, and he read half of it already, he loves it, he is 11 and instead of doing drugs and having kids like most kids his age he studies makes gardens and forts!! He is such a capo and wants to be baptized super bad! So were really excited for him!! 
  Oh Saturday we found real BACON! It was SOOO good! I haven’t had bacon in a year and a half and I loved it!!! Haha were going to go get more right now, before it’s all gone!!! Haha
  Oh laundry, so we do our laundry all by hand like Kade does, I just put it in some buckets to soak and then rinse it a lot and then wring it out and hang it out to dry! Haha it was super hard at first now I am just used to it and enjoy it Haha, kind of weird I know, it’s crazy what a mission will do to a person. Haha 
  Next Monday I will know if I leave or if I stay, we will see what happens!! I have no idea whatsoever!!!
 This week we were with the Familia Funes again and I was helping the Hermano work on his truck for harvest and I felt like I was at home when I was a little guy helping dad and everyone. I love that family so much and they are making so much progress I can’t wait to see them go through the temple! He will be the next leader here!! 
 Everything is going super good for us here and I love the mission more and more every day, especially as I try and help all Come unto Christ! Hope all is going well for all of you!! Remember God has a plan behind everything and never doubt that!!


 Elder Eppich

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