Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Esta Semana ha Sido Marvillosa!

**Elder Eppich is still in Provo MTC awaiting his Visa. He was suppose to leave for Argentina March 12th. Only 4 of the 16 that were suppose to leave for the BAW mission on March 12th have left. Including his companion. He appreciates all those who have been writing him. is the best way now to write him because it is delievered the same day if it received online before noon. Please call or text me at 509-318-0796 if you have questions.

March 21, 2012

Hola Familia,

Esta semana ha sido marvillosa! It was an awesome week!!!! So guess
what, I have now heard from 4 apostles since I have been here and the
whole 1st presidency of the 70!!! I have been pretty lucky!! Last
night Elder Oaks came and spoke to us!! It was awesome! He spoke about
the importance of having the spirit with us all the time, because it
is impossible to teach without the spirit!! I know that is true for a
fact!!! We talked a lot about what we have to do to have the spirit and
what we need to do to keep it. Pretty much everything we need to know
is in the sacrament prayers and it is so important that we partake of
the sacrament worthily!!! I am definitely going to work on that, because
the spirit is so crucial in lessons!!!
  Well this week we haven't been learning any new Spanish because we
have all of the grammar principles....( Haha quick side note, there is
this elder I am sitting next to that is flirting hard core with these
sisters and I am laughing so hard!!!! )  So instead of Spanish grammar
(Haha he just deleted some girls email cause he was trying to
showoff) well we do contacting outside in the campus to the other
missionaries! It is so fun because it actually feels pretty real!!!
Well then afterwards we saw a construction worker that looked like he
spoke Spanish, so we went and decided to talk to him (Elder Hougaard
and I) we spoke all in Spanish and he wasn’t a member so we shared a
quick message with him about families and the Book of Mormon and bore
testimony! He loved it! He said he has lots of Mormon friends, but
none had really invited him to listen to a message, so we got his
address and are sending missionaries when he gets home, he is working
for a couple more weeks then going back to California with his
family. We gave him a Mormon.Org card and have a Book of Mormon for
him! Every time he sees us he waves and says Hola Amigos!! Awesome!!!
Talk about feeling on top of the world!! It is an awesome feeling!! I
hope all works out for him!!!!
  Other than that nothing new has really been going on for me in the
MTC, Oh except I found these wraps that they make here, that are
super healthy it is like subway but with wraps!! I can't believe it
has taken me 70 days to find them!! LOL they are way good!!!
  Well how are things going back at home with everything? I was sad to
hear about the Grandpas (Jenks and Salisbury) that passed away! Luckily we know that we will
all see them again through the Plan of Salvation!! That is such a
power blessing and knowledge!!
How are things at home? Track and what not? Kade and karigan sound
like they are doing awesome!! How are all of the wedding stuff f
going? I heard Kyle is engaged?!?! Sweet!! I am so excited for
everyone! How is David’s foot? How is dad's diet, and how is MCAT
going for Shayne it is soon right? Well I hope all is going well!! I
am doing awesome good to hear from everyone! Love Elder Eppich

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