Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Week in the MTC

Family and Friends,

Wow! Time has flown by for sure!! I have about 4 days left in the
U.S.! It hasn’t really sunk in yet, but I am so excited to finally be
getting out to Argentina!! It will be an awesome experience!! I cannot
believe how fast the house has been going up!! I hope that it is
going up as fast for you as it is for me!!! How is everything else at
home going?  How is the weather and what not? The weather in Provo is
as weird as ever. I am pretty sure it was like 70 on Monday and then
last night it was snowing.  Haha, who knows,  it is weird here! When does
Kade and Karigan's first Track meet?  I got a pillow from Hawkins and
It has a picture of me and Alan on it and says “We are as the Army of Helaman" It is an
awesome pillow! I was so excited when I got it! I also got a package
from Aunt Linda, she sent me some awesome cookies and some Disney
princess fruit snacks, I am guessing Dax and Dew picked them out. HAHA
  How is David's ankle doing? I bet he is in a ton of pain still!! How
is Kaitlan dealing with it, she still pretty sad?  I should be
fine on all of the baggage and weight and what not.  How is Juan and
Andres doing?
  So on Sunday Alex Boye came and sang and spoke to us! IT was
INCREDIBLE!! You all know who that is right? If not look it up, he
is a singer and is a member of MOTAB! He sang a few awesome songs and
talked about his conversion! He said how even today he still looks up
to those missionaries that baptized him they will always be some of
his favorite people and he will always look up to them! He said it
will be the same for us! So we have to always stay in contact with
them and help them even after their baptism, we need to set an example
of enduring to the end. It was a really power ful meeting, he was
really funny and his testimony was awesome! If anyone isn't full of
Añimo (Spanish word for I am not sure how to explain it, kind of like
motivation). It was just an incredible experience.  He also testified
of the importance of the Book of Mormon in conversion, we have got
that talk a lot lately and again last night at the devotional! So I am
definitely going to try and incorporate that in to my lessons so much
  We need to have our investigators begin reading in the beginning of
the book from the introduction to the witness’s testimonies and to
Joseph Testimony. Then through 1st Nephi to Mornoi, because the book
is in that order for a reason and we need to help the investigators
gain a testimony of it and a love for it. It is awesome I have really
gained a love for it as well! Even the Isaiah chapters! I can
understand them and make sense out of them lol kind of cool!!!
  So this week our investigator Javier was baptized!! It was an
awesome experience sitting down with him and planning his baptism and
explaining everything to him and hearing him bear his testimony!! The
spirit was so strong and then I couldn’t help but think in less than a
week I could be helping someone do the same thing in Argentina!!! Our
other investigator Aurora is getting married and then baptized this
weekend!! We are super excited for her to!! My Spanish is definitely
getting a lot better! I have been working hard on it and it is
improving a lot! I find myself thinking and speaking in Spanish
without noticing, and I guess I sleep talk a ton and it is all in
Spanish! HAHA It is an awesome feeling when the Lord blesses us like
he has! He has blessed me with so much since I have been here, I see a
lot of missionaries waste a lot of time and not focusing on what is
important, they all just want to get out of here and get in to the
field, and that is good and everything but, I decided I would learn as
much as I can until I get out there then that way I am not wasting
time and I am always getting better! Elder Streadbeck and I are doing
well! We are teaching some pretty powerful lessons! And we always
find something we can do better!!  Well I love all of you! Hope all is
going well!!! Can´t wait to hear from you in 5 days!! Oh btw you might
ask people to begin sending stuff to the mission home in Argentina
because I won’t be here much longer.

Love, Elder Eppich

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