Wednesday, March 14, 2012

VISA Delayed


  Well Elder Streadbeck is gone and Left me! HAHA it was kind of
weird to tell ya the truth I am still living out of my room but I just
am spending all my time with the 3 other elders in my district.
Well there isn't any new news yet about VISAS yesterday none of us got
any, and we are too afraid to ask because they have a huge sign that
says stay away Argentina and Mexico missionaries we will let you know
if we receive your Visas! And I guess they yell at people if they ask,
so if I am feeling a little adventurous later today I will probably
go and ask them, lol.
  So I have had a pretty uneventful week. Last Friday we had In-field
Orientation where they teach us everything about being a missionary
that we don't learn in classes. They talk to us about setting goals,
planning, contacting people and the biggest part they focused on was
working with the members! It was a really good Experience I liked it
a lot!! Then on Saturday we had a normal day with a lot of teaching and
everything. On Sundays we are all supposed to plan a 3-5 minute talk on
an assigned gospel topic and then they randomly call two people to
come up and do it in Spanish!! I had given one the week before in
English on Faith to the Cafeteria branch and so Brother Swenson (
Tyler Hawkins old Mission President from Chile) and Brother Russon,
Our branch counselors, told me not to worry about preparing one
because I had just given one, well I thought I would at least find a
couple scriptures to share. So Sunday comes around, and they say we
would now like to hear from Elder Eppich!!! So I go up there with my
Spanish Book of Mormon and gave a 5 minute talk on Repentance in
Spanish!!! IT was so cool!! It was just flowing out and I was like
"Where is all of this coming from, lol IT was a really cool
experience! Everyone commented on how well I did and that I sound like
a missionary that has been serving for months, I don't know if that’s
the case. LOL
 Last Wednesday Elder Streadbeck and I went to the TRC It is where
members come and we teach them a lesson about different things, this
time it was receiving revelation through Book of Mormon Study. Normally
we teach to about 2-3 people, but this time we get there and then a
Spanish Branch Mutual shows up! So we were teaching them and the
spirit was really Strong!! That is one of the cool things about being
a missionary, we have the authority to promise specific blessing when
moved upon by the spirit! So I promised this one 16 yr old boy some
pretty cool stuff, and then they room was just full with the Spirit it
was so awesome!!! They kept telling us that we sound like we have been
in the field for a year not only 2 months! It is great getting
compliments like that but I realize that it is the Sprit and the Gift
of tongues!!! So I can't take any of the credit.
  Yesterday the last thing Elder Streadbeck and I did was go
contacting. We just walk around the campus and begin contacting! If
they know Spanish then we contact in Spanish and if not then we do it
in English. We pretend like they aren't members and we set up
appointments! It was so much fun! It is crazy though because it is so
hard to teach in English! LOL I am so excited to get to the Mission
  Well I better get going love you all! I will let you know as soon as I hear
any news!!

Serving with all my heart, might, mind, and strength,
Elder Eppich

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