Wednesday, March 28, 2012

David Archuleta enters the MTC

Dear Family,
How is it going?!?! Everything is going awesome here!! Despite the Visas not being here we
are doing awesome!!! LOL  so David Archuleta is coming in today! HAHA
every week there has been rumors that he is coming in, but it isn’t a
rumor this time, I figured out for sure. Haha he is staying in our
residence hall too!! HAHAHA I was pretty sad to hear about Brother
Price and Travis Butcher:( I hope they are doing ok! Can you get me a
way to contact Travis? I feel really strongly that I should write him
a letter! Thanks.
  Wow that is crazy about everyone getting married!!!!! I can't
believe it!!! I was counting last night and that is like 5? HAHA I
don't know!!!
So last night we had a devotional and it was someone from the 70. His
talk was awesome!! I learned so much about revelation and the Book of
Mormon and everything!!!  It was awesome!! I realized that we have our
own personal Liahona and it is the spirit and the Book of Mormon
together!! Just like Lehi and Nephi couldn't understand the directions
when the people were being wicked, we can’t understand or receive
revelation when we don’t have the spirit with us!!! I have really
been working on following the spirit all the time!!!
  Nate looks good!! Haha Kade is way taller, lol!!! I bet he was an
awesome missionary, and I can't wait to hear from him!!! Lol when you
told me the story about Chandler being able to count to 10 and then he
ran and jumped in your arms and asked for a treat I laughed so
hard!!!!! HAHAHAHA
The house looks awesome!!!I am glad that you are going to the cabin
this week! That will be way fun!!! That is really awesome that track
and everything is going so good for Kade and Karigan! I was pretty
stoked when I heard Kade got 6!! He better get 6'2" soon!!!
 So how is everything going at home? Pretty busy I am guessing between
everything that is going on and what not!!!  So I ran into Elder
Riggs!! I was just sitting outside on a bench and out of the corner of
my eye I saw someone that was walking like Elder Riggs. LOL So I
sprinted over there and tackled him. lol He was so happy to see me and
so was I! He is doing awesome! The Spanish is going great for him and
he likes it! LOL Everyone likes it though because the spirit is so
strong here!!! You can tell that he is going to be an awesome
  Oh I got the package thank you!!! It was awesome!! I was so happy to
hear about Brother Boyd teaching the class! That is awesome to see
such progress! I can't wait to see it in the field!!!! This work is
awesome, and is the best thing I could possibly be doing!! I love it!!
I love having my testimony strengthen every day!! I love spending
time in the Book of Mormon!! I learn so much every DAYY!!! Love all of
you!!! Good luck with everything!! Love Elder Eppich

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