Friday, April 6, 2012

Separated Geographically, but Spiritually Close

April 4, 2012

How is everything going? How is the cabin? I bet it is really fun!
This week was awesome!!!! Conference was awesome!!! I will talk about
that a little bit more later!!! Well I am not sure if Kaitlan told you
or not, but we are getting reassigned tonight or tomorrow!! Crazy huh?
I think they are tired of us bugging them so they are just going to
send us out and they don't know how long it will be until we get our
visas it could be like a day in the new places and then they will send
us to Argentina. I am hoping for Dallas or Denver South! Anywhere
where we have people from our ward serving would be really cool! I am
really excited I told them they can send me wherever as long as I am
on the other side of the fence!! Hahaha the MTC isn't bad or anything,
I am just ready to put to work all that I have learned!!!
  I didn't fall asleep once during conference and I watched all 5
sessions! Who else can say that? HAHAHA It is so hard to choose a
favorite because all of them were so good to tell ya the truth! I
liked all the apostles, Priesthood session was probably one of the
best ones I have ever watched! It was really cool learning about our
responsibility and what not! I also really liked the talks that all
talked about the Family! There is a quote that I liked " Separated
geographically, but spiritually close! This couldn't be more true!
Because even though I will be like 7000 miles away I can still feel
the blessings and the prayers that are being offered in my behalf!! I
couldn't help but think how lucky I am to share this message with my
investigators they will be so excited to hear how their families can be
together forever!!
  I liked all of President Uchtdorfs and Bednar and Monson and
Eyrings. lol pretty much every talk. It was cool everyone that spoke
that wasn't an apostle I have heard speak at the MTC!!! I really liked
David F. Evans! He is an awesome speaker! I have heard him twice here.
I like his talk a lot and especially the part where it said, "Members
it is your responsibility to write the missionaries" HAHAHAH Jk
  Then that night we had a fireside with Vai s...... I don't know how
to spell it. but he was the first Polynesian football player to
receive a scholarship to BYU! He talked about his mission and his
experience in the NFL and his current sports broadcaster. He said
everything good in his life has been because of his mission! I am
excited because I know that is true!! He told us one of his
investigator’s story and now that investigator has a family that was
raised in the church and I can't wait for that opportunity! It will be
so awesome!!!!
 Sorry if my grammar and stuff isn't very good, it has been hard to
write in English when I am used to Spanish!!!
  So how is track going for Kade and Karigan and the team in general? Is
there any surprises this year? Everyone doing pretty well? Kade and
karigan enjoying it? Shayne, kort, kaitlan, and David should all be
finishing up here pretty soon ya? That’s awesome I bet they are really
excited! How is the MCAT prep going?  Oh on a side note, I still
haven’t' gained any weight... lol I have stopped playing basketball now
though, I go lift now.  Oh my neck and head are doing well! They sent
me to a physical therapist and they did a bunch of stuff my neck
mobility was about half of what is should be I guess and it is doing
way better!!
  Well I am doing awesome and I am excited to serve!! This Sunday is
Easter so everyone please keep the Savior and his Atonement in our
minds!! It is through him we can live together forever and become
clean from our sins!! I know this church is true, with everything that
I am. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and we can know the truths
of the Gospel through it, and if we follow the teachings we will be
able to return and live with our families again!!!!

Who went to the cabin with you?
Elder Eppich

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