Monday, April 16, 2012

From Tennessee

April 16, 2012
Hola Familia y amigos!

La Obra esta moviendo! La Ultima Semana al conferencia de estaca
(stake?) solomiente tenemos tres miembros assitir la iglesia:( Pero
Ayer tenemos 20 con 3 investegadores!  We were pretty excited! But we
could have had a lot more there, so hopefully this week we can get a lot
more again! That would be really good!! We have had a couple tough
days this week, a few of our appointments fell through, a few
different times, so we are still really close to baptism with a few
different People!! Elder Shoun says we always have a few slow days
before the Miracles start happening so I am thinking we are going to
have a huge week this week!!
 I will tell you a little bit more about the area. We actually cover a
stake, because there are not a ton of Spanish members, so we have lots
of areas to cover. We don't receive many referrals, but this last week
we met with a lot of the English members and they trust us now and
they are all starting to jump on the wagon and want to help as much as
they can!! We get fed a majority of Dinners here, so I haven't had to
cook for myself too much besides breakfast and lunch, that is easy,
 Haha so I have experienced a majority of the stereotypes of the south
I would say, lol. We have been invited to a Bible study; we didn't
know it was a study until after they fed us, lol. Then we were going
tracting and we saw a Group of African American Hermanos playing
basketball and we asked if we could play. They looked a little
hesitant at first to let a couple white guys in white shirts and ties
play ball with them, lol. But it was only on like a 9 or 9.5 rim and I
was throwing it down in my church clothes and they were like “Man
whoever said white guys can’t jump doesn’t know anything!"Hahah They
didn't know much about the church so we shared a bit with them and
they said they would like to go to church with us this up coming week
so we will see! Then yesterday we went to this Grace Chapel church. I
guess one of the finding methods here is to go to different churches
and talk to the members of the churches and their pastors and share
our beliefs and get to know theirs. It is so sad seeing people just
looking and looking for the truth and they try to do the best they can
with what they have, they just don't have all of the truth:(
  I am really loving the people here. Elder Shoun My trainer, Spanish
speaking as week, served here a year ago, so we have been visiting the
members and investigators he had then that have kind of dropped off
the map. They are all really nice and love the missionaries! They are
from all parts of South America and they really like us and love my
name even though they can't say it. LOL
 My companion is from Portland Oregon he leaves in like 4 weeks!
 His family is coming out to pick him up on the 15th of May!!
  How is everything going at home?   How is Nate doing?
Travis Butcher? What mission is Stockton going
to? I have some really good buddies in Nicaragua.  How is sports, and
school going? Planning for all these weddings? Crazy how many weddings
there are going to be! The house is looking awesome!!!
  Let me know if you hear any news on the visas.  Love all of ya!! Take care!!
The Church is true
The Book is blue
and Moroni is on the ball.... Haha I hope this makes sense to y'all
  Love, Elder Eppich

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