Monday, April 30, 2012

"No unhallowed hand will stop the work from progressing"

April 30, 2012

This week was pretty intreresting!! Elder shoun had a leadership
meeting so I was on exchanges with Elder Hansen, he has been out the
same length of time as me and is going to BAW as well. They don't do
that very often where they put two greenies together, but it went
really well!!  I felt completely comfortable!! I didn't understand
everything but about 80-85% probably. I kinda took the lead cause I
think elder Hansen is a little shy! Well anyways we found 9 new
investigators in 2 days!! That is really good! Then we taught a bunch
of lessons as well! I was in Columbia, which is where James. K Polk is
from. It is a biking area! So we rode bikes about 8 miles a day, not a
ton, but enough for me to be super sore!! HAHA
  Everything else has been going really well! Elder Shoun leaves in
only 2 more weeks! IT is crazy. I am not sure what will happen with me
then cause he will be leaving and everyone that can be training is
training and they get two new elders as well, so maybe I will be put
in a trio.
  This last few days they had this street festival in downtown Franklin
where about 150,000 people go so we just went around and people would
ask us questions and we would answer and talk to them.  There was this
one guy that was super ANTI, he was calling us out on this microphone
guy as we were walking by, then one time he stopped us and was saying
Joseph smith was in Hell and we were heading there as well. Right
after he said that like 10-15 people came over and was yelling at the
guy. None of them were members and they were all siding with us and
saying "Leave these missionaries along! At least they are honorable
people and help bring people to Christ and are nice! They don't tell
people they are wrong they just try to help people!" We didn't say
anything to the guy the whole time just kinda bore our testimonies and
it was really cool to see all the other people support us and help us
out! Everyone in this area really likes or at least respects the
missionaries. It is cool! Oh and the guy had a camera so he is
probably going to make a video of us and put us on some anti website.
  The experience though just gave me a lot of love for the people of
the area, even the guy that was anting us. I wasn’t mad at him at all,
and just wished that his heart wasn't so hard. I was kind of worried
what would happen with the video, but I just remembered what Joseph
smith said, that no unhallowed hand will stop the work from
progressing and that is so true!!
  It is kinda funny cause everyone here uses the same anti stuff, but
none of it makes sense, lol. They say that in revelations it says "
you can't take or add anything to this book or ye shall be damned"
However chronologically revelations was written before half of the
other books, and it actually says the same thing in deutromney 4:2.
However we don't say that to the people because it just makes them
more angry. lol
  I hope that someday their hearts will be softened and they will
remember the missionaries, even when they were being yelled at, were
still calm and good guys.. A lot of the mission is just being friendly
with people and offering to help them. Then that way we are planting
seeds for the future.

Well love all of you! Hope all is well! Love Elder Eppich

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