Monday, April 9, 2012

Como Estan? from Nashville Tennessee

Como Estan? Or should I say hey ya’ll.

Hahaha I love this place!!! Tennessee is awesome!!! The family needs to
come here sometime they would love it!! It is a lot like Seattle
because it is so Green! Yet it is a lot warmer! It has been about 77
everyday since I have been here!! We landed in a pretty good storm it
was so cool! It was just like all the songs talking about landing in
Nashville and it being raining and what not!!! I guess it rains and
storms a few times a week so I am definitely looking forward to
that!!! So we get there and the AP's and the Mission president and his
wife are there waiting for us! They all come and give us big hugs and
welcome us to the Mission! They were so excited for all of us to be
there! However within 1 minute they had us going to work! They told us
well your still missionaries get talking! So while we were waiting I
talked to a man about the gospel! And he was a super good guy and said
he like the church and I bore my testimony to him and explained why I
was serving and then I left him a card and he said he would
check it out. He wasn't interested in meeting with missionaries at the
moment but would be shortly probably!!!
But the mission was super excited to receive us, because They had had
to shut down the Spanish missions earlier that Monday because the
other visa waiters left, but now they were able to open up 4 new areas
again!!!! They took us to the Mission Home and then fed us a homemade
meal!!! It was crazy! I haven't had real food for 3 months! And sister
Mckee is an awesome cook!!!! So we ate, and then had our interviews with
the president, and then we had a testimony meeting!! It was so much
fun! Then after that they answered all of our questions about the
mission and showed us a slideshow of the mission!! It was really cool
because it showed how diverse this area is and there is a lot of work
to be done!! We read the Vision of the South by President Kimball, it
is so sweet! You should definitely read it! Then the Spanish elders
all have a vision of getting a Spanish stake down here!! They have 5
units they need 7! So were going to get that done! Hopefully before I
leave! LOL
  We then went to bed and I slept so good because I woke up at about 4 am
that day because my companion had to leave so early!! And I didn't
sleep that night because I was so excited to finally be getting to a
real place! HAHAH The next morning they made us a nice breakfast and
then took us to the Transfer meeting.
 There I found out I would be serving with an Elder Shoun from
Portland Oregon! In Franklin, which is just a suburb of Nashville!, we
would be covering a stake because there isn't a ton of Spanish
members, but we are going to change that! Elder shoun leaves in May so
he is excited and wants to end on a high note in the mission so we
already have a few goals!!
  Oh ya, we were white washed, which means that we were going into an
area that neither of us were the transfer we had no idea
what was going on in the area, so we spent the first day visiting the
Spanish members and then tracting in between visits. We also visited a
couple inactive families and they are going to start coming back they
said!! We also found a couple new investigators that are pretty
  We also have a few investigators that are pretty close to baptism, I
am hoping by the end of the week we will have 4-5 baptismal dates!
That’s my goal at least!!!
  We have been fed a ton! The members love the elders and love to feed
us! Then the other elders think it is funny to tell the members the
new guy wants more so they make me eat so much!! HAHAHAH I am going to
gain weight for sure!!! HAHA
  Yesterday was an awesome Easter! In my personal study I was studying
a lot about the Atonement and I have such a love for the Atonement and
the opportunity that we all have to become clean of our sins and live
with our families again in the presence of God and Christ! I could
not help but be in an awesome mood because this gospel is so true and
I love it!! I hope I can take advantage of every opportunity and talk
with everyone!!!
 My Spanish is doing pretty good! My companion thinks I know quite a
bit, lol. If one person is talking I can follow the conversation
pretty well, but as soon as they have the Spanish soap operas on and
then two people start talking, I am absolutely hosed! HAHAHA oh well
it will come I am sure!!
  How is everything going at home for everyone? Work, sports, school,
graduation, wedding, and everything else?
  Oh if you want to send letters, I guess it is best to send it to the
mission home and then they forward it to us. You will have to check on
the internet the address, we are the Tennessee Nashville mission.
 I am right next to one of the richest neighborhoods in the World!
Like top 5!!! The houses are huge and beautiful!! We hear a lot about
the country celebrities and supposedly Taylor Swift and Carrie
Underwood have taken a few lessons, and they both love the
missionaries, but aren’t currently taking the lessons. Elder Shoun on
one of our P-days is going to show me all of their houses, and on a
Sunday we will visit other churches and talk to the members and the
preachers. I guess there is one church that all the celebrities go to.
  I am loving it here! Hope all is going well at home!!!!
Love, Elder Eppich

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