Monday, May 28, 2012

Argentina Here I Come

May 28, 2012
Well I have my Visa! I am leaving a week from today!! Holy Cow that is
so crazy!!! This morning we were fishing with a member of the
Bishopric named Brother Scuggs! He is super funny and nice! I went and
got the Cell phone from the car and saw that president Mckee called
and I knew right away that my visa came! It hasn't really hit me, but
it is definitely weird feeling! I am excited to get down to Argentina
but at the same time I am definitely going to miss it here! I have
made a lot of memories and friends and I hope I have helped some
people come unto to Christ more fully in their lives!! I feel like the
work is just starting to get moving good here, and now I am leaving,
but I am sure that it will continue to move forth and that they will
have success!
  Last week we found a lot of new investigators so this week we
contacted a lot of them and taught them, so this week we had a lot of
lessons taught!! The 19 yr old boy that I was telling ya about was
doing awesome! He went on exchanges with us on Wednesday and loved it
and wanted to keep doing them and learning, then all of the sudden we
haven't heard anything from him:( we are worried about him!
 Last night we were visiting some less active members and then after
that we were going to visit some others, but a policeman started
talking to us and we talked for like 40 minutes or something!! He was
really cool and we shared our beliefs with him and testified to him of
our Savior Jesus Christ! It was really awesome! The Spirit was really
strong! We gave him a Book of Mormon as well and he invited us over
whenever we are hungry or something t stop by and he will feed us!
Then after that we visited a family from Honduras and I was helping
him fix his knee, I think he tore his ACL, so I’m helping him get that
better and stuff, and today he took us to a Chinese restaurant place
and we had a lot of good food!!  We also talked a lot about the church
and about religion in general it went really good! We are going to
meet with him again tomorrow and his wife too!
  Oh haha, Last Thursday I was on an exchange here with my district
leader named Elder Monson and we were eating at Sonic and some TV
crews showed up and we thought Taylor Swift was going to be there or
something, but she never came, but Elder Monson and I were on the News
here in Tennessee. Lol it was pretty cool!!!
  Things are going really well here and we are working really hard! We
are hoping to have an awesome last week here in the States for me!! We
are going to talk to everyone!! Teach and testify and help everyone
come unto Christ!
How are things going at home? The house looks awesome, and it sounds
like track was a lot of fun, even though they got cheated! Sorry!
There are by far more important and better things you will be doing in
the near future Kade! I am glad to hear that Grandpa and Uncle Lane
are doing so well!! Good Luck Shayne you will do awesome!!!   Have fun
and I will talk to you all on MONDAY!!

Love Elder Eppich

P.S have fun with graduation and everything!!

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