Monday, January 7, 2013


January 7, 2013


 Well we started the New Year off well! First of all Elder Crowther and I are going to be working together one more transfer at least!! That’s crazy because neither of us had had companions for more than 1 transfer and now we will have had 3 together at the end of this transfer!!!
 We had a good week and found a couple good families as well!! So right now we have a ton of investigators. So many that is hard to be able to visit all of them! Also there is a new rule that we can’t ride bikes on dirt roads, because someone is a little too big for their bike and keeps breaking it, and in efforts to save money we can’t ride on dirt, and we have lots of dirt in our area.. HAHAHA it’s not my fault the bikes here are super small!!!!! Other people as well have broken the bikes, not just me. Haha
  So we have this one family the family Blanco that have a lot of potential. We found them the first transfer and recently they have made a lot of progress! We are really excited for that!!! They have a kid named Kevin who is 12 turning 13 on Wednesday that looks like he has 30 yrs old. Haha then there is Alexandro that is 9 and is a big kid. Then their mom Rosalia and the dad Marcelo. They love us and always want us to come over. Only Kevin has come to church but this next Sunday all of them are going to come, and hopefully at the end of this month all of them will be baptized together. 
 They gave us a reference for their uncle and aunt. Vanessa and Alejandro. They really like what we teach and love the changes they see in the family. They should be baptized at the end of the month as well!!! We just got to help them all come to church!!
  The zone leaders came for Friday and Saturday and Sunday. We were doing divisions and Elder Fernandez and I found a Peruvian family that was moving, so we decided to help them move, and then they were super receptive to us and everything, and said they were going to come to church but they never came! We hope that next Sunday they can come!!
 We have also been working with a lot of inactive families and they have started to come!! We are hoping to reach 40+ in church before the end of this transfer!!!
  We really learned the importance of using the scriptures to teach! The scriptures have so much power! No one cannot read the book and feel the power that it gives! Everyone should read it and be familiar with it! Study in PMG (preach my gospel) about the Book of Mormon. I want to say its chapter 5 but I'm not sure so don’t judge me. Hahaha The Book of Mormon has so many answers to our questions!!! It’s incredible! Read daily!! Love you all so much! Hope all is well! Love ya,

Love Elder Eppich
Thank you for writing Kraymer. He appreciate the letters so much. Here is his address for letters that require an international stamp:

Elder Kraymer Eppich
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias
C.C. No. 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires, Argentina

FREE online address: is free and fast. Select the tab "write a letter" He is in the Argentina Buenos Aires West mission. Text me at 509-318-0796 for questions

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