Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Year in the Mission Field!

1 year anniversary in the mission field! Saladillo, Argentina
January 14, 2013


Wow I can’t believe that it has been a year since I left on the mission! It has flown by so fast! But at the same time I can’t imagine life as a normal person. They always say the second year is a blurrr. This last week was a blur for me! I feel like I wake up stretch, save the world for a little bit and then go to sleep. Haha it passes by so fast every day.
 So I burned an old shirt that Elder Krausse gave me. Elder Crowther took a video instead of pictures so I don’t have many photos, but in a year you can see the video. Haha. I hung the shirt up on the clothesline then lit it on fire. It went up fast and burned the clothesline then fell to the floor....JAJAJ it was so funny.
  Well we are doing great here in Saladillo! We have so many people to teach all the time it is difficult to teach them all! We run everywhere trying to find more time to teach people! That is probably why the days go by so fast! So lately we have been working with a family name the Family Blanco. We started working with the son named Kevin. He is 13 and his little brother Alexandra that is 9. Kevin started smoking at age 9! Crazy huh? So were helping him stop. He should be baptized on the 25 as well as his brother. So if you could all pray for them that would be great! Then Kevin introduced us to his uncle and aunt. They are looking for a change and want to be baptized and came to church yesterday! They loved it and we are looking at a baptism for them on the 25th of January as well. We are really excited for them! We are also working with a lot of other people but I don’t have any more time so I have to be going now. I’ll talk to you all next week! Choose the right and I love all of you! Nos Vemos,

Love, Elder Kraymer Todd Eppich

I love this picture :)

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