Monday, January 21, 2013

"I'm loving the mission more and more"

January 21, 2013

Familia y Amigos,

 WOW this week went by really fast, I feel like I was just doing this. I don’t really remember what happened so if I repeat anything sorry Haha. 
  So yesterday President Carter came to Saladillo at like 1:20 or so to do interviews for the members that need to go to the temple. One of them being Fabiana! She passed! So she is going to be going to the temple the 12th of February! She asked if we could go with her and President said yes because on the 12th we will be having transfers so that means that one of us will most likely be leaving Saladillo on the 12th! Kinda sad, but it’s ok! 
 We got to talk to President for about 30 minutes just Elder Crowther me and him. That was really good because I have never had that opportunity before! He just told us how happy he and the lord are with us and how hard we are working, and is really surprised how well we are doing because we both are really young in the mission. It was good to hear that because it’s been super stressful here with all the extra things we have to do here. 
  Well Vanessa and Alejandra were living separated but recently moved in together so they can’t be baptized right away. But that’s ok because they aren’t quite ready. So we talked to them and told them they have to move because they can’t live together if they want to be baptized, and they said ok we will do it! So we are excited for them!!
  We had a soccer game activity on Thursday for investigators and members. It was a lot of fun. I played goalie most the time because I can’t really run. Haha
  We have been reading the book of Mormon as a mission in Spanish and it has been awesome reading! We have learned a ton of stuff!!  I can’t really think of what else happened this week sorry! I need to write it down so I don’t forget!  Oh did I tell you I haven’t missed a day in writing in my journal since I started the mission? 
  I’m loving the mission more and more! At times when we get frustrated or anything I just stop and think and the wonderful opportunity I have to be able to help people find the way to become clean of their sins and have happiness in their lives, and have the knowledge that they can live with their family forever! We are Agents of Repentance kind of a cool title if you ask me! Haha I am so grateful for the opportunity to help people and to represent the lord here in Saladillo! Thanks for all of the support!  Love you all!

Love, Elder Eppich

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