Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Awesome Week in Saladillo!

Enzo getting baptized

December 31, 2012


What an awesome week we had here in Saladillo!! It all started last Sunday when we went to Ramos Mejia with all of the mission then the following day we went to the temple with the whole mission. It was such an incredible experience to be able to be in the temple. We did all of it in Spanish and the spirit was so strong that I had no problem understanding everything!! It was incredible. I just kept thinking I can’t wait till I can do this with my family, and I hope that every person I teach can have this experience!!! We then returned and had a Christmas program. It was a little different because it was 107 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Haha it was super hot... Then that night all the missionaries in campo stayed in an apartment together. There were 24 of us in an apartment on the 13th floor in Buenos Aires. At 12 o'clock they all went crazy with fireworks, it sounded like a war!!! The next day we returned to Saladillo and went to work on Christmas!!  I had the impression to go to a park here. So we went and saw this little old lady sitting down on a bench. We started talking and teaching here. We come to find out she was all alone on Christmas and had been praying to god that someone could talk to her so she wasn’t alone. She absolutely loved talking to us and said she knows the church is true and asked how she could join the church. So we invited her to be baptized. She said yes. Her only desafio or challenge will be praying to God instead of the virgins and saints. But it should not be a problem. Then afterwards we got to talk to all of you in Skype.. It was an awesome experience!!! It was good to see all of you. It sure passed by super fast!!  The rest of the week we just started trying to get everything good for the baptism of Pablo. But he is currently missing in action and have no idea where or what he is doing. Last he told us he was visiting his kids in ituzaingo. Where he was shot by a shotgun 2 months ago. We are hoping nothing bad happened with him.... If you could keep him in your prayers, he really needs them. But the Lord blessed us with another person to baptize instead. A Little boy of 11 yrs. His name is Enzo and his family is members but he is not. So we committed him to be baptized and his family supported him! His family hadn’t been to church in 3 years and hadn’t talked to the missionaries, but for some reason they opened up with us and we were able to help them back to church. Then Sunday after church Enzo got baptized! Because it was the holidays our group leader hasn’t been here for 2 weeks so we have been in charge with everything. Also we didn’t have people to be witnesses for the baptism so two of the office missionaries came out to help us, Elder Dorius and Elder Steffen. Great missionaries. So we had a really crazy week with a lot of stress. Haha but I definitely learned a lot and I am very grateful for a big Basin City ward and all the blessings that come from it. I am also grateful for the opportunity to learn how the church runs and the importance of every calling. We have currently been doing the duties of every calling that a church should have. I think I have been losing hair. But that ok. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, because I am able to see the blessings every day!! I love all of you and all you do and have done for me!!
Love, Elder Eppich
This is seriously the bike he rides 12 miles a day. He says he thighs are huge but he is skinny everywhere else.

He didn't tell us anything about this car. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't fit into it.
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