Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking sharp in Saladillo

April 29, 2013


So we had a really good week! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. But seriously. One week out here is like 1 day in the MTC, Haha I can’t believe it. Next week is transfers, don’t ask what I think will happen, I have no idea, hahaha but I could see so many possible moves that I don’t even want to guess. (Kraymer's mission is waiting for 70 missionaries that don't have Visas and are waiting stateside for them to come) So I feel like I haven’t updated you on our investigators for a while and I don’t have much time so I'll just let you know how they are all doing and call it good.
So we haven’t heard from Pablo in a while. Super sad about that, but I’m going to go visit him this week and then see what happens!! He is such an awesome guy I hope all turns out with him.

Abuela negra, we had dropped her because she didn’t want to baptized, but now she really misses us and came to church so we are going to see how things go now!! So I am excited about that!!!! 

 Maria and family from the little city
They are doing super good! They all smoke though! We are trying to help them stop smoking so that they can get baptized. They love the church so much so hopefully we can get them baptized really quickly!!

Julio and Maria
They are doing great and doing a lot better due to our marriage counsel sessions. Haha but seriously it is incredible because they are reading and praying every day and it has made all the difference in the world!!!

People from Paraguay
So this week we found a bunch of new investigators that are family and friends of some less actives. They have so much potential we are really excited for them because they are awesome!! We are working a lot with the less actives trying to help get them back to church!!

This week we had a ton of cool experiences! All of them are due to following the spirit! We found a super cool future priesthood holder because we followed the spirit. His name is Jorge and he is about 30 years old and came to church and absolutely loved it! Even my piano skills impressed him. Haha I’m getting a lot better believe it or not!!! Haha

Thanks everyone for all you do! I’m so glad everyone is doing so good!!! Oh yea I measured myself the other day, I am 6´3.5¨ without shoes and I weigh about 215 (sounds like the parasite is gone. ha). Have a great week!! Next week I'll try and have a better email!! Hope all is going well! Congrats Kaitlan Kort and Shayne for the big weeks! And BREE! (Kaitlan graduated from BYU and Shayne and Kortneigh blessed baby Bree)

Love, Elder Eppich

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